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    getting audio but not video on ll my devices


      getting audio but not video on all my devices

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          Hello Arnie,


               The issue you are having could be a very easy fix. Do you have a HDMI cable in your Set Top Box going to any other device, TV, DVD player, ect? The reason I am asking is because all cable and satellite companies have a Copyright protection on their Set Top Boxes now. If you have a HDMI in the Set Top Box at all, and you are using a device like Slingbox, 9 times out of 10 it is going to block your video signal. Even though it could have stopped working yesterday or even 5 minutes ago, there could have been a update pushed through your set top box, detected the HDMI and other device, and now blocking your video. What you would have to do is remove the HDMI complelety from Set Top Box. If it is hooked to your TV you can get another set of Component cables, put them in the OUT ports on the Slingbox, and lead them to the TV. You will have to change the input selection to "component".You will still be able to stream all of your HD channels. I will add a little more insight on the HDCP (high definition copyright protection) in a link below.




          Hope this helps!!

          Sling Media Support