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    "Unable to connect (2)"

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      I was unable to post a reply to the above topic started by Dan Lewis back in January 31, 2015. For some reason, I got an error " Your content could not be saved due to an error. You may have been logged out. If this problem persists please contact your system administrator. Click here to refresh this page."  - Tried several browsers.  Anyway, See below


      I'll share my 2 cents.  This could be the answer for most of the issue people are having. The only error I would get is accessing the slingbox and trying to cast thru the chromecast from outside world back to my home network. From the internal LAN network, chromecast works fine.  From outside for example, you are at your friend's house and trying to cast slingplayer to your friend's chromecast.  The problem to me is the chromecast unable to dial back to my house and get a good handshake.  I tested several times, once in a while I can get it going, but most of the times the

      "Unable to connect (2)"


      What I found is the slingbox has an open port that it advertised out. in my case, my M1 model selected port 5301.  To find this info on your slingbox, login into the web or the slingplayer desktop.  go to settings and look at your network info. it should tell you what port your slingbox is using.


      I understand most of us out there buying a slingbox are clueless about setting up a network.  The slingbox works great and easy to setup, but it should allow manual setup for network.  OK, I have knowledge of advanced routers and cheap residential routers.  So to put in layman terms, all residential gui routers have a section that allows you to IP reserve a network device to have a permanent IP.  I recommend you do that to your slingbox.  Next these routers should have a section for virtual server or port forwarding.  Virtual NAT server is the easy way to go.  In that section, specify a "Public Port", "Private port" and the device (IP) it's going to.  Example, your slingbox has an IP of, and using port 5301.  So in the virtual NAT section.  Your Public port is 5301, Private port is 5301, and then the slingbox IP of  Save and test it our from another location.


      Hopes this help