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    Stream pauses when any 'remote button' is pressed(clicked).


      When I do anything other than watch my stream, it pauses to process. It's very annoying, especially if I've got the guide open and I'm browsing through pages of what's available. Every time I press a button to do anything, i.e. page up, page down, next channel, pause, record, it always stops and processes. Is there a setting or anything I can do to alleviate this processing lag and have my streaming feel more like I'm at the TV, itself?


      Thanks, all!

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Cody,


          Some delay is going to be normal for processing since the changes have to be uploaded from your current device and location, and then downloaded to the Slingbox, changed on the set top box through the IR signal, and then uploaded from the home devices, and downloaded back to your current streaming device. How much of a delay are you seeing? It is possible that either the IR signal from the set top box to the Slingbox is not strong enough, which could cause longer delay times. Another way to try and alleviate the amount of delay you are seeing would be to talk to your internet service provider about raising your upload speed. The higher the upload speed from either location, the less delay you will see.


          I hope this helps!