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    Slingbox350 - no video

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      I have a slingbox 350 that I have not used in a while.  I switched from Satellite service to Cable about 6 months ago.  When I try to use the slingbox now I get audio but not video.  Everything seems to be hooked up ok.  I have looked on the help pages and they suggest to switch from HDMI cable to component video cables and I have removed the HDMI and installed component video per instructions.  I have also power cycled after the switch from HDMI.  Still no video.  I am with Rogers Cable in Canada, have a Nextbox (Cisco) DPVR box and a Slingbox 350.  I have seen some people talking about switching from 1080P to 1080I or 720 but I do not know how to do this.  I get the error that 'the connected video signal is not supported'. Anybody have any other advice to fix this?