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    Slingbox to fire tv 7

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      Fire tv 7 launched today. How do you get slingplayer on there?

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          Same question here. It says on the Amazon website that the 2015 Amazon Fire TV is not a supported device for the free Slingplayer app. It would be good to know sooner rather than later if the app will be available on the new Fire TV as I will return the box if it won't  be.

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            We just got the new fire tv box last night and have the same problem. spent some time on the phone with Amazon support and tried to get the Slingplayer Fire TV app to install but determined that it's definitely not compatible with the new fire tv box. The device won't even see the app in search or app library. Amazon website indicates the app is not compatible as well.


            I spoke with sling tech support today and they said they had several calls about this and feedback would be forwarded to the right people. Not encouragingly the short term solution I got was to buy an older Fire TV Stick, which would work. Why would I do that?


            I really hope they fix the app soon since we've had very bad luck with the iPad-to-Roku method (stalls constantly), and are growing tired of watching via desktop browser.


            For slingbox themselves it should be a big deal, since their site promotes the Fire TV app as a preferred method with on screen remote features, and now that there's only the new Fire TV device out there, and no one will be buying the old tech, they have to get this updated fast.

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                The Slingplayer app works well on the Fire TV stick. I upgraded to the new TV box hoping to optimize the experience with a heavier duty streaming device. I guess I can just use the stick in the short term for Slingplayer and the box for everything else.

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                    the app is back now but it won't connect. It just loads, tries to connect, fails and restarts in 15 second loops.... still, progress over a couple days ago when the app was gone entirely. I would think they'd test it more completely before releasing it though.

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                        Same thing here. I returned my roku 3 and decided to give amazon a shot but the app doesn't work. It loads connects locates and does it all over again like mentioned here. I'll give it a day or two before I return this and get a chromecast or the new roku 4.

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                            Same issue here!  Very disappointed.  Remains an issue!

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                                Wow... Another app that doesn't work from SlingBox.

                                Slingbox --> Roku = Laggy and drops out half the time.

                                SlingBox --> Chromecast = Most user cannot even get a stream initiated.

                                SlingBox --> AppleTV (AirPlay) = Bad quality from phone, because stream is not handed over to ATV.

                                And now with a dedicated app on the FireTV that first is not compatible at all and after an update at least can be installed but functionality is completely broken.

                                And worst of all, it seems like Sling is doing absolutely nothing at all on any of these issues. Mindbogling! Do they really just want to lose all their customers.