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    Cannot update my slingbox solo

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      Cannot update my slingbox solo on my pc running under Windows 7 since I bought and installed Sling player on my new tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S. They say my firmware is out of date. Impossible to make the setup. What's the solution other than buy a new Slingbox ?

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Serge,


          Taking the Computer operating system update or a new Slingbox out of the equation, the easiest method for you to update the Slingbox on a borrowed Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 laptop, while connected to your home network, on setup.slingbox.com. Once the update has been completed, you should be able to use the classic Desktop Player to stream on the computer (I'll link the download page below, just in case you need it), and of course continue streaming on your other devices. You can also complete the setup process through that Classic Desktop Player and skip the update process, but this will cause issues streaming on the other devices.



          I hope this helps!


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              Thank you Samantha for your early reply. BUT, unfortunately, it does not help because I cannot do any updating. Alert message as followed: "Can't connect to your Slingbox because it's software is out of date. Please visit setup slingbox from your PC on your home network and update your slingbox software". Whenever I tried to do it, I got another error message: " We're sorry but your web browser, your operating system, OR a combination of both is not currently supported by the sling player Plug in. Please use a different browser." I used both google Chrome and internet explorer as well without any successfull changes.I have the 2.1.120 slingbox version but think I need the 2.1.270 version, however, still impossible to update it.Since  I bought my tablet and install slingplayer on it, I have problems! In the past, I never never ever had problem to connect to my slingbox all around the world!!!...and I travel a lot! I'm about to leave for USA for the whole winter and I hope you'll be able helping me to settle  my problem once and for all.I don't wanna be obliged to buy another slingbox! Please help me. Thank you.