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    problems connecting 2 slingboxes on one router !!

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      Hi Everbody

      i am trying to connect 2 slingboxes to one router at home and on my local network its works fine but remote viewing from my summerhouse i can only youse one of them !!

      i can see them both on my sling catcher network but no matter which one i press the same one is running ??

      if anybody have some ideas i will be very happy to try anything out !!


      best regards Claus

        • Re: problems connecting 2 slingboxes on one router !!

          When registering each slingbox, did you use two different names?  I plan to do same so two locations can watch football. In yesterday's post I was told to connect second slingbox input to the first one's component output.  This is how you share one cable / satellite box.  Be careful you have enough upload bandwidth as HD usually requires 8-10 Mbps upload speed and many Internet service providers have asymmetrical service with relatively low upload speed.  You'll need about 20M for simultaneous operation.  If using Wi-Fi vs. the much better Ethernet connection, your Wi-Fi router must also support 20M over the distance too.  Suggest you do a Wi-Fi speed test using laptop at the slingbox.