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    Slingplayer on Netgear NeoTV




      I have been Slinging with my NeoTV for over 2 years, connected to a Slingbox PRO-HD.  A couple of weeks ago, I started having problems while streaming...the connection would get lost and I would have to reconnect.  Obviously, this is very frustrating.  I tested other Slingplayers (mobile on my Android phone, through my iPad, through my laptop PC running Windows 10)...all of them work fine.  I have two NeoTV boxes, so I tried both of them and they both exhibit the same behavior.  So, I have narrowed it down to the Slingplayer on the NeoTV boxes.


      Here are all of the various configurations I tried:


      1. NeoTV Box 1 wired over Ethernet (default configuration) - LOSES CONNECTION

      2. NeoTV Box 2 wired over Ethernet - LOSES CONNECTION

      3. NeoTV Box 1 WiFi - LOSES CONNECTION

      4. Reset NeoTV Box 1 to default, wired over Ethernet - LOSES CONNECTION

      5. NeoTV Box 1, wired over Ethernet, different port on router - LOSES CONNECTION


      Here is what currently works, using the same WiFi network that was tested with step 3 above:


      1. iPad version 1, iOS 5.1.1 - MAINTAINS CONNECTION

      2. Android 4.4.2 - MAINTAINS CONNECTION

      3. Laptop with Windows 10 - MAINTAINS CONNECTION


      Therefore, I believe I have narrowed it down to the Slingplayer on the Netgear NeoTV.  Please help!




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          I am having the same problem, just recently.


          I also have 2 NEOTVs and they both act the same--don't work now after having worked for years.


          I have tested them on my CenturyLink home DSL network and my Verizon MiFi--neither work wired or wirelessly.


          I have tested 2 of my iPads, my Android phone, 2 laptops, and 1 desktop--they ALL WORK!


          The problem has to be with something that changed on the Slingbox app on NEOTV or in the Slingbox unit itself.


          My error is:

          HTTP Error

          Unable to connect to Slingbox.  Please check

          that your Slingbox is on and connected to the

          network.  Then try again.  (code: 7)


          Well my Slingbox IS connected to the network or it wouldn't be working with my iPads, and other computers.


          I have reset both NEOTVs to factory, I have rebooted the routers, nothing has solved the problem.


          Please help, these 2 NEOTVs are my only source of entertainment for the winter.


          Thank you.

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              I was having a similar problem a few months ago. Sometimes it would drop while I was watching TV and sometimes it just wouldn't connect at all. The other thing I noticed around the same time was that it was taking forever to load the Slingplayer app from the NeoTV homescreen...sometimes I'd wait 4 or 5 minutes just to get that HTTP Error message. After trying several things at home, I finally decided to try it from another location...lo and behold it worked fine. I concluded that it was the quality of my DSL connection and then called my ISP to come and check my line. They gave me a new modem and I haven't had a problem since.