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    Two locations watch the same Slingbox?

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      My Slingbox M1 works great on Win8 and Win10.  I believe manual states only one location can view the audio/video stream.  I want to watch the same football game as my daughter in another state, but fairly certain it's not possible.  Can I put two Slingboxes on one cable box (or two cable boxes) in the same house using the same network? Would the Slingboxes get confused?   I could use two networks.  Is there a lower cost way of doing this?   I wish Slingbox had a monthly fee to add multiple locations, i.e. first location is free, add $10/mo for location #2

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Yes you can do this - but just bear in mind two things:


          1) each Slingbox will require its own bandwidth. So make sure you have enough "upload" bandwidth at the location of the Slingboxes to cope with two video streams at the same time.


          2) either Slingbox will be able to control the cable box so potentially you could both be changing channels etc at the same time.


          You will basically set it up so that the cable box component output feeds the first M1's component input, and then the first M1's component output feeds the second M1's component input. Then the second M1's component output can feed the TV.