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    Slingplayer video poorer-than-SD when on component source

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      I have a Slingbox 500 that I purchased back in July, 2013 so it's now out of warranty.  Its software is fully up-to-date.  I recently had to replace my old PVR (hard drive failing) with an Arris (Motorola) DCX-3510M.  As this PVR isn't in the Manufacturer/Model list in the Slingbox setup, I've chosen a Motorola DCX3400M as this seems to work as well as any other I've tried.  I've connected the slingbox and PVR with both HDMI and component video/audio cables.  Of course, when I now choose HDMI as the source, the crystal-clear HD-quality video disappears on both my TV and Slingplayer after 30 seconds, presumably due to the HDCP kicking in (this wasn't a problem with my older PVR).  When I switch to component video, the HD-quality video reappears on my TV but the slingplayer video is poorer than SD.  I have plenty of bandwidth.  This happens with both the version of Slingplayer I have installed on my windows 8.1 laptop (Slingplayer Desktop Version; Web App Version; Player Plugin Version as well as my iPad (don't know how to check the version).  My cable provider is Shaw and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


      Am I missing something or do I now have to get used to poorer-than-SD quality on Slingplayer even though I have an HD-capable Slingbox?

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          You're not the only one Allen. My scenario is identical to yours with the exception of the service provider and location. I'm in Coral Springs Florida and I'm using Advanced Cable Communications. But we are using the same boxes (Slingbox 500 & the Arris (Motorola) DCX-3510M).

          When I called Slings customer support line, because I'm still under warranty, we tried everything they could think of and we couldn't find a solution.