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      I have been running my slingbox on firefox and today, when I try to watch it, it tells me that i have to Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in. When I go to the tools, it says that it is enabled. Has anyone run into this? and if so, how do I fix it?

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Randall,


          Is the message asking you to complete a fresh install the plugin or is asking you to update it? An update wouldn't be unheard of, of course, and if so you would just need to process the update. If it isn't detecting the plugin at all, which it what it sounds like in your original post, I would honestly suggest removing the plugin and reinstalling it, making sure to fully close the browser between the two steps. I'll link an article below with the steps, just in case.



          Please let us know if this works!


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              have same issue, what was the fix???

              5 days now...

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                  In my case, I upgraded to windows 10 and it runs the Microsoft edge browser which is not supported by slingbox, so I was using internet explorer 11 to run slingbox. However, I did something (I don't know what) but internet explorer would not open, so I was using firefox. Then out of the blue, firefox wouldn't work and wanted to update the plug in, which already was updated. I ended up doing a restore to an earlier date when internet explorer was working, and that fixed the problem. I am now using internet explorer and don't need firefox. I know that it doesn't help you, but that's what I did.