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    Chromecast 2

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      Anyone having any issues?  I got the new chromecast on Friday. All apps that worked my chromecast v 1.0 work with v 2.0 except slingplayer. When I try to cast slingplayer to the chromecast 2 the app just continues to "spin" and nothing happens at all.

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          experiencing the same issue with my chromecast 2.0 and slingplayer

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            I solved this issue by downloading the new Slingplayer Free app

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              I have the same problem. Chromecast 1 works with slingbox which I have but my new chromecast 2 does not work with slingbox. Tried dowloading free sling app to my android phone and still doesn't work.

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                I own Chromecast 1, Chromecast 2, and Roku.

                Tried all three on two TV's and only Chromecast 2 did not work. It appears something happens to the horizontal hold, picture compress's to top of screen and bottom half or more of screen is diagonal lines, unwatchable. Google support was not a lot of help and of course said see Sling, who would think!! I returned the Chromecast 2 to Google for a refund.

                When Sling and/or Google resolve the issue I will consider purchasing again. Meantime my Chromecast 1 and Roku are working fine.