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    Slingbox without a TV

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      Can I hook up my slingbox pro hd to my cable box without using a TV?  I had my slingbox set up in a spare room so I could watch TV elsewhere without disturbing the rest of the family.  The TV broke so I no longer can use it.  Is this possible?

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          As long as your cable box has S-Video or comoonent outputs, then yes.


          You could use composite if you were desperate.

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            alanrichey42 Master

            This is a bit of a confusing question as the Slingbox doesn't use a TV, it is designed to plug into a cable box so you can view the cable output somewhere else on a laptop/PC/Mobile.


            Or are you saying you used the output of the TV to drive the Slingbox ?    If so you can but be aware that when you change channel on the Slingbox you are changing channel on the cable box so anyone else watching it will see the new channel.