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    My remote has disappeared and the system won't let me get it back

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      I have got a problem with my 6 year old, pretty basic Sling system.


      It has worked perfectly up until now but when I try to watch now, I get a message at the bottom of the screen to say that I am not configured for a remote. When I agree to configure for a remote I get taken through a set of options that initially gives me the remote that I used to have (Sky +) but then goes on to ask how I access channel 5 -- giving options that do not exist me -- and then asks for my zip code or postal code.


      When I put in my UK postcode, that is rejected and I get a message saying that the code has to be "5 digits" -- by which they mean 5 numerals. If I put in five random numbers then I get to show a list of satellite services, all of which are in the United States.


      I have made sure that I am logged in as being in the UK  but am clearly being given the wrong set of options every time I try.


      Is this only me -- or is it something more generic?


      I'd be grateful for any help could be offered.


      Kind regards