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    Hello Slingbox Community

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      I have been a Slingbox user since 2007...and am now on my second and I think soon to be 3rd slingbox.

      I have 2 issues and would really appreciate some help from somebody.

      I use the Slingbox to watch US TV from Shanghai China and although sometimes the "quality" is a little pixelated, I do not believe it is because of the slingbox, instead the local broadband supplier is not that great...

      I have slingbox on all my devices...and use it when I travel through out Asia...

      I recently purchase a new Samsung Tab 4 9.7 inch tablet

      First issue:

      When I want to view a program in OnDemand the Comcast remote loads on the left of the screen and I am unable to "slide" the remote to another part of the screen so I can see what is listed under the remote.

      Second Issue:

      When I view the on screen guide, it lists programs that are available in the USA at the same as is in Shanghai......For reference my slingbox is located on the US west coast and Shanghai is 15 hours ahead of the west coast.

      So the time slot on the guide will be the same as Shanghai, but I want to watch the programming that is on screen on the USA time slot......example I may want to watch Fox News and a 5 pm program and the guide is listing a program what would be showing in the USA at 8 am which is the times in Shanghai,

      I do remember having these issues before I purchased the new Samsung tablet...which was purchased in the USA....The Samsung tablet is running Android lollypop operating system.


      Thank you for any help and guidance


      Mike Burton