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    SlingBox NOT WORKING On WiFi


      I have tried TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME to setup WiFi & am convinced THE THING IS NOT CAPABLE of working on Wifi.  bigfrown


      I have held down that STUPID WPS button SEVERAL times & have watched the little light blink 2-3 times EVERY TIME I HAVE TRIED !!!


      EVERY time I run the detection wizard, it does so until it eventually gives up, citing code W-105 as the reason.  Code W-105 (For those who don't know or aren't familiar with it or any of the Slingbox Error message codes for that matter) says the following (See below)


      EVER AFTER TRYING THIS - I STILL cannot get Slingbox to connect via WiFi


      As it stands now, I'm gonna HAVE to find AT LEAST a TEN FOOT Ethernet cable because as far as being a WiFi device goes, SLINGBOX IS A JOKE (And I SIMPLY CANNOT leave it IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM (Where it is now) as it's BLOCKING OFF access to a corner of the room.  I MUST move it over to the TV rack where the cable box & console are - AND WHERE THE SLINGBOX BELONGS !!!  If that means streans stretching out A LONG BIG *** then SO BE IT because that is THE ONLY way it'll work (And given the SO-CALLED "Support" I've seen on here so far,it doesn't look like there much of a "Community" here NOR does it look like A REAL EMPLOYEE (Other than MAYBE "Samantha" or "Anthony") EVEN READ these boards.  As such, I'm NOT expecting ANY help BEFORE I DIE !!! (Another example of firstimpressionsareeverything !!!)


      Anyway, I've ranted & complained enough.  Time to post.....




      W-105The player can't connect to your Slingbox.
      1. Check that Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer or smartphone.
      2. Be sure your Slingbox is powered up, and wait two minutes after power-up before trying again.
      3. Press and hold WPS button (back of Slingbox) for 10 seconds until the Network LED blinks twice.
      4. Wait for 1 minute,