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    Slow Bitrate Issues




      I have an m2 Slingbox and am experiencing low bitrates when trying to stream away from home. To be fair, I never really tested at the home either. Anyways, when I try and stream video through my slingbox, I average around 1000kbps, which isn't very good quality. When I try other streaming services, for example MLB.tv, I get great video quality no problem, but for some reason, I just cannot get a consistently good stream when using slingbox. The m2 is set-up through an ethernet cable, and the home internet gets very high download/upload speeds. I haven't checked myself, but my dad said he pays for download speeds up to 200 and upload well above 20, so I'm not really sure if there is an issue there The internet I am using away from home has download speeds of about 22. Again, everything but slingplayer works well. I've considered trying proxy servers, but can't seem to find a way to edit the proxy settings when using the slingbox. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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          jbondsr1 Newbie

          You can add a proxy by doing the following on the newwatch.slingbox.com website (I recommend using IE on PC or Safari on Mac to do this):


          - Click SlingBox Directory

          - Click on Edit Proxy Settings (underneath the SlingBox Icon)

          - Change Streaming Proxy from "none" to "use custom proxy"

          - Enter the Proxy Server's IP Address, Port number and access credentials (if needed).

          - Hit Save


          If you use the desktop player app, the settings you apply on the website will also apply there (Sling, please fix this. We should be able to add a proxy from within the Desktop Player app)

          Also, I recommend using a mobile device with the Slingplayer app to access your Slingbox. For some reason, which escapes me, the mobile apps have a much more stable stream in terms of speed and quality. (Even without a proxy, which they cannot use.)

          I would have recommended the proxy service I use, but they no longer accept new sign ups.