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    Can NO LONGER Use MY TV To Watch TV While At Home ???


      That's NOT what I want NOR had in mind when I bought my Slingbox NOR is it what I want


      WHAT I WANT is the ability to use MY TV to watch TV when I'm at home BUT use the Slingbox to watch TV when I'm elsewhere.  THAT is what I wanted when I bought the thing


      I say this because I either F-ED UP the HDMI cable which is connected to the back of my TV & cable box OR the Slingbox has TAKEN OVER for the HDMI connection to the cable box


      Either way, it's NOT looking good (But WAY better than before though  )



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          heather.sling Newbie

          Hello BachPatu,    


               I can understand the frustration with the issue you are having. In addition it can be a very easy fix. From what i have gathered, is seems you are running into the High Definition Copyright Protection (HDCP) issue that all the Cable/Satellite companies have on their Set Top Boxes.  If there is any HDMI cable plugged into your Set Top Box, It will cause no Video. no Audio etc. The way we have found for Slingbox to work correctly, and still have full function of your regular at home Television is pretty easy. You will need Component Cables (red,blue,green,red,and white) coming OUT of the Set Top Box, and they will be going to the IN ports of the Slingbox. You will then need an additional set of Component cables. They will be plugged into the OUT ports on the Slingbox and lead to the IN ports of the Television. The Televisoin will need its source/input switched to Component if it is not already. You will not have to worry about your HD channels or programs because Component cables will still stream you HD channels without issues. Please remember to remove  all HDMI cables from Set Top Box. I will provide some additional information below if you would like to take a look.






          Hope this all helps!!



          Sling Media Support