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    Thinking about switching to Slingbox HD Pro

    brsing Newbie

      I'm currently a LocationFree user and thinking seriously about switching to a Slingbox.  I am hoping to get some answers prior to making the switch.


      1.  I have two routers connected to provide wireless coverage in my environment.  The problem I have with the LocationFree device is that the software install binds to a certain router.   When I move to another area and have to switch networks the software doesn't work because it can't connect to the base-station (i.e. because it is on a different network segment).    Will I encounter this type of problem with the HD Pro?


      2.  The LF device has built-in wireless but I see the HD Pro does not.  Is that a major issue?  All I really care about is being able to sit anywhere in my home/yard and be able to stream content to my PC/Mac.


      3.  Lastly, I see where Sling has a rebate offer to entice users to upgrade... is there any offer to help entice others to switch to Slingbox?