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    An intersting problem


      I recently bought a used slingbox pro. I hooked everything up and configured the router settings. So far everything is working pretty well. When I watch the slingbox through my web browser, the picture is crystal clear, no lag, coming in at 3000 kbps. When I watch my slingbox on my smart phone (Samsung galaxy s5) it tops out at 500 kbps and is pretty grainy. I have tried the HQ button to increase the bit rate but has no impact. I have switched between my home internet which is 35 mbps down, to my cellular data, which is about 50 mbps down, same exact bitrate and picture. I tried upgrading to the paid slingplayer app which did the same thing. It comes up in the app saying it detected low bandwidth. My upload speed which the slingbox is connected to is 6 mbps up and is connected directly to the router by way of an ethernet cable. I have uninstalled the app a few times and reinstalled it with no luck. I have a very strong WIFI signal when troubleshooting it. I have reconfigured my router a few times and also reconfigured the slingbox a few times. I really have no idea why it would run so good on the web browser, yet do so lousy on the smart phone. I'm using the same WIFI to watch on the web browser on my laptop as I am using on my smartphone. I also have port forwarding setup for port 5001.

      IF anyone can help me out with some truly useful information, I will make it worth your while with a donation to your paypal account, no joke. - Thanks for the help, - Kyle.