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    Slingbox 500 Poor Performance

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      I recently starting to have issues with my sling box.  I have been using the sling box for the past 2 years without problems and only recently see these challenges.  I have tried on my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone and it does not seem to get the same performance that I got only a month or so ago.  It buffers every couple of seconds on my iPad and iPhone and get terrible quality on my MacBook.  My internet connection in Houston where the sling box is between 30-50MBPs and in Singapore it is 50-70MBPs and fairly stable. 


      Also, when I do get "fair" bitrate on my MacBook - when I try to airplay to my apple TV the bitrate falls to "Poor" very quickly. 


      With football season - I am desperate to find a solution.  Is there something I can do to increase the bitrate?  I live in Singapore so hopefully something I can do remotely. 


      I have searched the various discussion threads without success.  I want to thank you in advance for your help.