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    streaming tv service is a problem

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      I have a sling box 350 in Rockville, Md. Internet service is provided by Verizon's FIOS network. In western Md we have Comcast internet service. I receive good quality tv pictures on my laptop. However, I lose service at the tv every 2 to 5 minutes if I try to stream to the tv.

      in western Md I have a router connected to a Linksys device. at the tv I have a netgear NTV300 receiver that is connected to the tv with an HDMI cable..

      Also, while trying to watch tv the picture will often freeze. sometimes it will restart while other times it disconnects.

      the internet to sling player speed fluctuate between 4.49 and 4.69 mbps. the sling box to sling player speeds fluctuate between 1.25 and 1.61 mbps.

      sometimes when the connection is lost I receive a code 27. other times it says error retrieving signal with a code 2.

      the only difference between using the laptop and the tv is the netgear device. is it possible that the netgear device is not working correctly? I have reset all mechanical and internet connections.

      any help is appreciated. Steve