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    WMC to Slingbox SOLO using HDMI to Component converter doesn't work

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      I have several PCs running WMC but never had a good way to connect one to my Slingboxes.


      When Sling started selling the HDMI to component converter I bought one.

      It has an HDMI passthrough so my PC output continues to the TV. The HDMI passthrough

      works as my TV receives signal as before and the LEDs on the HDMI to component converter are on.


      I connected the component output to my Slingbox SOLO but the slingbox setup

      was unable to detect a video signal on the component input.


      So I connected the component output of the converter directly to my TV, but my TV didn't like the

      component output resolution (I had high definition HDMI source). I had sound but

      only occasional frames of video. I switched channel to SD source on HDMI but

      same problem.


      I am not impressed with the HDMI to component box which sling is promoting, as it

      does not seem to be able to convert standard PC HDMI output to usable component output.

      There are no controls on the HDMI to component box. Just HDMI in, HDMI out, component out

      and microUSB power input. So there is no way to change resolution of the component output.


      Either my HDMI to component converter is broken, so it can't convert standard HDMI to

      a component format my Slingbox SOLO can understand. Perhaps more modern Slingbox

      can handle the component format? Anyone try the Sling HDMI to component converer

      with a newer Slingbox?