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    Need Help!!!  Slingbox Xifinity X1 Virtual Remote Not Working!


      There are two MAJOR design issues with Xfinity X1 virtual remote on Slingbox which renders it virtually useless!!


      1.) POWER ON/OFF:  The power button does not power the x1 cable box on and off when pressed! Thus once you are connected to the Slingbox application there is no way to obtain a video signal to send to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


      2.) CHANNEL CHANGE:  The virtual remote also does not include an "OK" button.  Therefore when manually entering a channel or even selecting a channel from the guide there is no way to tell the cable box to finish the transaction and actually tune the channel.


      Can someone please advise ASAP on when these will be fixed??!!  Preferably as a patch to the current version?