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    Connectivity issues, buffering, and no picture, recently installed Roku

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      Last week my sling box was working fine. Last night, I installed Roku on my network and things have gone haywire...but I don't think the are connected.


      1. When I try to connect to with web based sling players on Chrome or Safari (Mac) they show connected, but no video or audio. I have full control over the sling box and the attached devices, but nothing is coming through. This happens in my home network. When I try to tether through my iPad the connection fails completely.

      2. On my iPad or iPhone (iOS 9.0) they do connect to the sling box and play video and audio. But they buffer repeatedly every 10-15 seconds. This happens when on the home network or the 4G.

      3.The Roku has the same buffering problem, but it will connect with video and audio.

      4. If I connect to the sling player from another country, it will work fine on mobile and web players, no buffering.


      I am getting 20MBPS up from the internet connection where the sling is held and 20MBPS down where I having problems.


      The router is port forwarding correctly.


      I didn't have this problem last week.


      Any thoughts?


      Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 20.38.16.png