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    Remote Control is not Working on Windows Phone Lumia 730

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      i own a Slingbox SOLO.

      I can watch tv and switch the channels with  Slingplayer for Desktop PC or with Web-Apllication for Firefox or IE.

      I also can watch tv with the slingplayer app from the app-store for Windows phone, but i cannot switch the channels.

      • Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 730 (Windows 8.1)

      • Model:Slingbox SOLO
      • A/V Device Support:European Support
      • Firmware Version:2.1.270
      • Hardware Version:1.99.1
      • Activation Date:Wed, 16 Jan 2013 11:19:12
      • Slingbox ID:CF1AAFED976BC3478598B0D9XXXXXXXX
      • Satellite Receiver: Smart MX  ...

      Does anybody know a solution?