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    Before I Buy

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      Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy a sling box but I need some questions answered first. The people at Best Buy don't know anything and I rather hear it from people who actually own one. So I'm hoping to put a sling box at my sister house to stream at my apartment to save money.

      1. Will using the sling box interfere with what they are watching at my sister house? Please explain.

      2. I have apple tv at my apartment. Will I be able to use airplay to stream or would I have to connect my computer to my TV?

      3. I mostly just want to watch sports, I do geek out for high quality image, do I need the 500 or will the M2 do the job?

      4. Don't know how close the sling box will be to connect to the router. Will that make a difference between getting the 500 or the M2?

      5. Do I need to buy the app or will the free do the job? Please explain differences if you can.


      I'm pretty much never going to see the sling box. Like I mentioned I'm just trying to stream from my sisters house so I can save some money but I'm going crazy not being able to watch local sports. Don't want to get the 500 when the M2 will do, but I'm not sure. Any info you guys can provide will be a huge help so I can make a wise purchase.


      Thank you all so much in advance.

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          Maxcats Novice

          1) Yes. Your Slingbox simply shows what's on your sister's TV.

          2) Yes. I Apple Airplay with good results - iPhone 4

          3) M2 will do the job - but I would buy a 350/500 because of the compatibility with the WDTV which will provide a stunning image. WDTV acts as a Slingbox 'catcher' - see image attached.

          4) No - but I always prefer hard wired to wireless.

          5) Buy the app and get away from the ads - you don't want the hassle.imgres.jpg