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    Slingplyer in China


      We just moved to Shanghai and were so excited to be able to watch our Cable box form home using a Slingbox 500 and Slingplayer on our Ipad and Iphones.  However, we have only gotten the slingplayer to work one time since we have been here. We used it several times while still in the US and it worked fine.  Since it worked once here we know it can work, and we don't know what the problem is. Internet connection is super fast at home in the US, and the speed test here shows speeds are okay (3.17 Mbps download and 2.39Mbps upload).  The guide will show up and then when we select a program the screen just stays black. My husband has also tried on his iphone through WiFi and that doesn't work either. We have no problem streaming other TV programs from apps or websites (ABC, HBO, etc.).  I turned on Standard Quality video and that made no difference.


      Any ideas what I can try next?  I can't believe this $200 purchase (plus paying for monthly cable back home!) is not working!


      Thank you.

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          In case if your speed test result is obtained from China local host server instead of a US or international server, for sure you'll get poor result in Slingbox streaming. Internet to anywhere outside the glorious borders of China even with the China Telecom fiber optic frequently falls to dial-up speeds especially during the peak hours in the evening. This is just the natural development of things, China being the way it is. Anyway, international traffic is always slower in any country in general. Hope it helps in pinpointing the problem!