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    Slingbox 500 with Xfinity PX032ANI

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      I'm trying to hook up a Slingbox 500 with the Xfinity X1 slave box my father-in-law has. I understand the HDMI issue and will tackle that soon...the main question I have is when it is connected, I can't change channels, can't pull up the guide, nothing. I've research and online it shows the box I want to control as a PX032ANI.


      When I reset the Slingbox and start adding in that Model Name (PX032ANI) to search for it, nothing shows up. Obviously I have selected the X1 and X1 (XR5) options but neither of them work.


      The Slingbox is located less than <2 ft from the Xfinity X1 slave box to try and ensure the IR commands are getting through.


      Any advice?