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    Black horizontal line just showed up on Slingbox 350 output

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      I've used the Slingbox 350 pretty much without any real issue until now.  It worked great, including Thursday, but on Friday it showed a couple of thin black lines.  I've done the typical reboot and even reset it to factory and reconfigured but the lines are still there.  To be clear, the black lines show up on ipad, iphone and windows 7 and windows 8 devices. I even switched out the cables to see if that would help, but it didn't.  My cable goes from PVR to slingbox to tv.  So it is very strange when I see that the black lines do not show up on my tv.


      I'm completely confused and the unit currently out of warranty, but I only bought it in Feb 2014.  I really hoped to get more use out of it than this.


      I hope someone out there can assist.



      Slingbox issue.png