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    some digital channels unavailable

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      I have a Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 with cable hooked straight into the coax input.  We have Metrocast cable in zip code 03246.  Channel links here:  My Channel Lineup - Find your local channel lineup | MetroCast)

      I get all the channels available in the "Basic Cable" package (2-26 and the 4.1, 4.2, etc.), but none in the expanded cable package (anything over 26, which includes ESPN and the traditional "cable" channels.  https://www.metrocast.com/services/video/channel-lineup/lineup162

      I've called Metrocast a few times and they assured me that there is no different in the encryption between a basic and expanded cable channel. I started the conversation saying that I'm using a digital-ready TV and all three tech support reps that I called were familiar with this idea and said that their cable can be hooked straight into a digital-ready TV.  They all told me that I just need to scan again and added that sometimes it takes several times to scan and find all the channels.  I told them that I was manually putting in the channel numbers on the remote (inside of Sling Box) and that the scan shouldn't matter.  (I did also scan about 10 times today, just to be sure.) 

      Anything I can do here? 

      Thanks in advance.