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    Hooking Slingbox M1 up to Directv HR25


      I have an M1 box that hooks to a DirectV HR25. The HR25 box does not have all the component plugins. I purchased a cable with component plugs on one end and S-video on the other. HDMI cable from HR25 to TV. Worked perfectly for a while. Now i get this message 


      Obviously, with the HR25 box I cannot configure like this.


      Anyone have a solution for this issue?



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          I got the same message even though I was connected through composit cables. I did have a HDMI cable hooked up to my TV from an old box. When I unplugged the HDMI cord, it worked.

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            What you both are running into is a form of content protection coming from DirecTV in the form of SOC (Selectable Output Control).  What this means is the DirecTV box detects an HDMI connection, so it shuts off the video signal for all the other outputs (such as the 10-pin cable you're using for the Slingbox).  This article mentions the issue (the section called "What is Selectable Output Control (SOC)?"):



            There are a couple workarounds for this issue:


            1) Disconnecting the HDMI cable altogether should bring you your video signal back (reboot the cable box if it doesn't).  Then, in order to bring the signal to your TV, you simply connect the component cables that came with the Slingbox (or a spare set) from the Slingbox OUT to the TV.


            2) If you wish/need to keep using your TV with HDMI cables, we recommend the use of an HDMI to component converter.  Here is some information on the one we recommend:



            Hope this helps!