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    Slingbox PRO HD flashing network problem


      All of the sudden, and without any changes made to the setup, the Slingbox is having difficulties staying connected to the network.  I have tried doing a soft and a hard reset, but rest ting does not seem to be possible (nothing happens when holding down the reset button - even for several minutes).  Eventually, the Slingbox does connect and it works just fine.  But when I stop using it, the network light starts flashing again.  Have done all the other general troubleshooting (unplug, replug, rest router, etc).  Any ideas? The idea of paying another $30 to troubleshoot this troubling product makes me quite unhappy and simply disappointed as a longtime sling customer. 

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          I have the same issue after doing a hard reset after changing my router.

          The Network light and U light just keeps flashing - cannot connect to my slingbox pro hd.

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              After hours of trying to resolve the issue, and trying to avoid the $30 tech call, I found out from customer service that there's apparently a known issue(!) with a defective adaptor. There were two versions sold with the PRO: one made by v-infinity and the defective one made by Ktec. Of course my device is out of warranty, as I was "kindly" reminded. I ended up buying a new M2. But what is unacceptable is that after doing additional research, I came across numerous complaints from customers about this very issue reported since 2009!!! Apparently, Sling has been aware of this issue since the release of the PRO and they did nothing about it ... Very disappointing to say the least!

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              I had the same problem.

              The SB wouldn't even show as connected in the network switch.


              After reading several similar complaints, I ordered a new power supply from eBay ($9), as it was the solution from another user.

              3 days later I had the power supply and indeed the box came back to life and I could finally watch TV again on my client devices. Still had a couple of weird connection issues (sometimes it would take 3 or 4 tries to connect) but my network configuration has changed, so it could be from that.


              Anyway, one day later, the box is back with the same network flickering problem. Can people confirm that the official Slingbox power supply has solved their problem?


              BTW, my original power supply was also a Ktec.