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    Slingbox ProHD Crashes


      All of a sudden I no longer can access my two Slingbox ProHDs remotely.  Slingplayer still lists the Slingboxes (red indicators) but indicates they need to be completely reconfigured.  The Windows app for Firefox seems to work partially, but the apps for Chrome and IE give error messages that says Slingplayer does not support theses combinations of operating system (Windows 10) and browsers.  Never had this problem before.  When I try to use Setup in Firefox, I get to a password screen which asks for the administrative password for the Slingbox I am trying to set up.  This password seems to be different from my Slingbox.com account, which does not work.  I don't believe I ever had to use separate hardware passwords for my Slingboxes.  I explored the website for how to retrieve/change passwords, but the Slingbox article and the link to Slingbox.com do not provide instructions that work.  I am trying to get my Slingboxes to work remotely.  All this is frustrating and makes me lose confidence in Slingbox.  Does anyone have any suggestions or explanation?

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          I'm having same issue.  I switched from Comcast to Verizon the other day and therefore, switched routers.  I have not been able to connect to new router, my upside-down U on Slingbox is just pulsating, and whatever I try to do to reconfigure, I keep getting message "Sorry but my web browser and operating system or combo is not currently supported but I have all the latest Microsoft 10/Chrome etc.  I've even tried on IE and Firefox but my IE won't open, keeps crashing, and Firefox Addin won't download as I get a "file corrupted" message.  This is getting frustrating.