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    Error Code 0x92360006

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      I have successfully gotten my my new Slingbox 500 to work with my desktop computer. When I tried to get my Surface Pro 3 laptop working I have had one obstacle after another. Last night was dealing with a windows feature that needed to be turned on. I am using Windows 8.1. Then when I installed the SlingMedia 2.0 on my laptop it would not connect. It asked me to sign-in which I did and then it said that "device" was not supported by SlingPlayer?? I assume it meant my new Slingbox 500? I also got an error code at one point: 0x92360006. Slingbox was always tedious and unpredictable and I finally gave up on it. I had hoped that they would have worked out compatibility issues with major computer hardware and software manufacturers like Microsoft. I am about 3 hours of work ionto this and will give it another 60 minutes and then its back in the Box and returned. Any suggestions?