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    I too have a problem getting my Slingbox solo to be seen on the network.


      I have a slingbox solo and for the past 6 months has been working perfectly.  Its now stopped being recognised by the network.

      I have reset the router and its fine.  Port forwarding is set etc.

      I have tried disconnecting the slingbox and checking all cables.  That appears to be correct.

      I tried to reset the slingbox manually but nothing seems to happen.

      - the power light remains on

      - none of the horseshoe lights light up at any stage

      - the network light does not come one

      - when i reopen my sling player i do not get the setup wizard

      - it tries to connect and I get the error message to make sure the firewall and NAT settings are ok.  They appear to be fine.  I have uninstalled Norton 360 and turned off the windows firewall and still the same.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Adrian - Hong Kong