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    Poor video quality on Roku 3 Slingbox channel


      Hi all,


      I recently bought a Roku 3 in hopes that I could use the Slingbox channel and watch my Slingbox PRO-HD stream on my Roku, through the Slingplayer app on my iphone/ipad.


      Unfortunately, when casting to the Roku 3, the quality is horrible and won't go beyond 480p -- this is the maximum it has been able to reach. Additionally, buffering issues occur on a frequent basis.


      A few notes:


      • Video source on the Slingbox is component (HD)
      • In ALL OTHER occasions (viewing directly on the iphone, ipad, browser, and desktop Slingplayer apps), the quality is PERFECT (HD quality). If I select HQ, it streams without any problem.
      • The upload speed of the network where the Slingbox PRO-HD is located is excellent, above 5Mbit
      • The "Option" button on the Roku brings up the stats on the top right of the screen. Bitrate is constantly >3000 but resolution is stuck at 640x480
      • The download speed where the Roku 3 is located is 50Mbit -- more than enough for HD streaming
      • The Roku 3 is connected via ethernet to the router
      • The iphone/ipad that casts to the Roku 3 has excellent wifi reception (practically standing next to the router and connected on a 5Ghz wifi network)
      • All other Roku channels (e.g. Netflix, Plex, Amazon) have no issue with the quality and can reach up to 1080p with no problem at all
      • Obviously, all network settings (port forwarding etc) are properly configured and the "Internet Viewing" test passes successfully.
      • All devices (Slingbox PRO-HD, Roku 3, ios devices etc) have the latest firmware installed
      • The iphone/ipad identifies the Roku on the network as "Roku 1" instead of "Roku 3" -- maybe an issue here?


      It looks like the issue is narrowed down on the way the device (iphone/ipad) "talks" to the Roku 3 and relays the stream. Not sure how the iphone/ipad, Roku 3, and Slingbox PRO-HD connect to eachother when casting to the Roku, and where does the video stream ultimately passes from.


      Any ideas are much appreciated! May thanks in advance!