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    Cable Box Volume Control on Slingbox Pro-HD

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      I have a Slingbox Pro-HD and recently got a new cable box/DVR, the Cisco 8742HDC.


      I've been very pleased with the DVR so far, as it seems to respond much better to the Slingbox than any I've had before. However, occasionally (I think during software updates) the box will come back on with the Cable Box Volume turned all the way down. When watching from my Slingbox, I get a perfect picture but no sound. The volume control on my Slingbox remote only affects sound within the Slingplayer website/app.


      This is annoying as I have to wait until someone is at the house to turn the volume up manually. I've programmed my home cable remote to adjust the cable box volume, but I still have to be home to do that.


      I found this article (Slingbox.com - Master volume setting and digital audio) which suggests that it might be a Slingbox Pro-HD problem, but I don't want to buy a new box only to find that I have the same issue.


      I also saw something that suggested setting my cable box audio to analog but there's no settings of that type.



      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.