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    The $15 app we purchased is about to become obsolete...


      But not to worry! We get access to the free Slingplayer app that forces ADs DOWN OUR THROAT!


      (BTW I paid $15 for iPhone, $15 for iPad, $15 for Android)


      Thanks Sling!



      Let me guess there will be an in app purchase to remove the ads pretty soon, for say $15....

        • Re: The $15 app we purchased is about to become obsolete...

          I just reached out to Apply directly about this becasue I refuse to pay $29.95 to contact Sling directly. I have had great experiences in the past when dealing with the Apple iTunes support and I will report back with an update.


          I told Apple that in 2010 I purchased the iPhone app for $29.99 and the iPad app in 2013 for $14.99 and that Sling Media is obviously releasing a "free" app with in-app purchases to be able to double-charge existing customers for the SAME apps. Apple usually doesn't deal nicely with companies who try to game the iTunes system so I am hoping that if enough of us contact them, they will come down hard on Sling. The sling boxes are expensive, the apps were expensive historically, and the apps have pretty terrible user experiences (low res graphics, custom/clunky keyboards, etc), they charge you $29.95 to contact support, and yet they are STILL trying to milk more money from their customers.


          I hope Apple can make this right for us.