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    [slingplayer for phones / android 2.12.3] When slingplayer connects to slingbox, it sends the "Last Channel" command

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      Hi, this just started a few months ago.  When I connect to my slingbox from my phone to the slingplayer, it always changes the channel to the last channel.  I verified I do not have the "Home Channel" set in the options or anything else that would cause this to happen (settings list below).


      I have also cleared the cache and data from the app as well as cleared those and then uninstalled / re-installed and still have the same issue.


      I can connect with my PC and tablet just fine...  IE doesn't change the channel on connect.  Any other thoughts here?  I'm sure this happened after some update, but it was a while back.  Currently on 2.12.3.


      Android version 4.4.4





      Home Channel  Not Set

      Launce Preference  Auto Connect and Watch TV

      Video Quality  High

      Add Roku Player  Go

      Show Controls on Connections (unchecked)

      Enable Channel Up Down (unchecked)

      Enable Recent Gesture (unchecked)

      Send Select Command at Start (unchecked)

      Show Switch Quality Message (checked)

      Limit data rate over cellular connections (1024 kbps) (unchecked)