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    No video with Xfinity X1

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      I just replaced my X1 DVR from Comcast.  The old one worked perfectly (X1, Slingbox 500).  The new X1 box does not have component input and I get no video at the Sling.  I have the latest Slingbox microcode.  I choose 'X1' but the configurator insists that I connect components.  Is there a different device selection (it is a Pace X1 according to the Comcast repairman) that doesn't require connecting the component cables?  Audio works without the audio components connected.  I have Windows laptop.

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          I have a solution to my own problem.  I have a second cable box that accesses the main XFINITY X1 DVR.  This second box does have all of the audio and video outputs that the Sling needs.  After connecting them all I reconfigured the Sling and changed the cable box from X1 to PACE PR150NM.  Currently working fine!