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    Weak or no video signal message


      Yesterday I re set up my slingbox M1.  I was having a black screen issue and I bought the Gang Hu converter since the direct TV box did not have component outputs.  I had it all working, was able to see video on my Iphone and then I left on the road and now when I try to open to watch I get a blue screen with the Weak or no video signal message..


      1,  It worked when using the Iphone on the home network

      2.  Gong Hu converter power source is plugged into the TV

      3.probably not a video issue but the direct tv box is an HR245-100 and there is no virtual remote in the set up for that.

      4. I do get audio so I know the direct tv box is on.

      Now I'm 5 hours away and can't get to the slingbox.