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    No channels will play at ALL anymore...


      Hello All-


      I have a Slingbox 500 that I bought right when they came out.  I have had absolutely zero issues until the last few weeks.  First a few channels here and there gave me the "does not support the copyright protection.... blah blah blah" message.  Now it is EVERY channel!  I cannot watch a single channel!  Can someone please tell my why this would be?  The part that sucks is I am 500 miles away from my Slingbox and will be for the next few months.... I gotta get this thing back up!  Please help!



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          alanrichey42 Master

          I guess you didn't do a Forum Search before posting ?  Lots and lots of posts about this.  It's nothing to do with the Slingbox, it just means your TV provider has implemented HDCP to stop you recording (or slinging) it's HD content.   You would have found the solution is to ditch the HDMI cable you are using to feed the TV and use the Component OUT plugs on the back of the Slingbox instead.