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    Audio only on AT&T cellular data on iPhone 6 plus?

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      HI!  Have been using my Slingbox on my iPhone 6plus on AT&T data without any issues ( have the old unlimited plan still) it was working great until recently?  When I am using cellular dat  4G or LTE it says AUDIO only now, before it worked perfectly.  If I switch to WiFI on my phone it works great but for some reason now it won't work with cellular data?  Any ideas?  I'm wondering if AT&T is not blocking my signal with Slingbox because I am still on unlimited plan and they are trying to get me off it?  Any ideas?  Please help:)




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          I had something similar happen.  I also have the grandfathered unlimited plan and use my slingbox all the time.  For some reason slingbox would buffer even when other video intensive apps would stream fine.  I called AT&T and asked if they were slowing video only down on me.  After dicking around they finally said yes.  After that day my downloads have been mostly buffer free.  That and the fact they just announced they will throttle after 22 GB instead of 5 GB has helped.  Also try resetting the slingbox if a talk with ATT doesn't help.  I had to do that once to get the buffering to stop as well.