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    Lost remote for Slingbox 500


      I moved n lost my remote, trying to figure out if the Slingbox will still work or if I have to have a remote to set it up at my new place?

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          Did you get a response? I have the same issue :/

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            First, assuming you will be using a different router/modem, you will need to change the network settings in the Slingbox to get it online with your new network.


            If you have a wired ethernet connection to this network, you will want to give a factory reset to the Slingbox.  Here is our article on this:



            Once you reset it, just go to newwatch.slingbox.com using a computer that is connected on that same network in order to get the Slingbox set back up.


            If you are going to be connecting the Slingbox to your new network wirelessly, then you will need to have the physical Slingbox remote to get the Slingbox online.  You can purchase a replacement remote from our website here:



            Once you have that remote, follow the process in this article to get your Slingbox connected to your wi-fi network:



            Hope this helps!



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                Ok you only ship the remote to the usa i live in canada how can i get one ?

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                    Oh. And to quote a japanese engineer a talked to at CES a couple a years back : never ever desing a product that can be only control by a remote control.always have some kind of basic control on the product at least. Best case the client has to wait a few days to a few week for a new remote. Already bad since the product work but he can't use it.Worst case the remote is not available anymore,so the client is stuck with a perfectly good product that he paid a few hundred to a few thousand dollars but is as good as a rock in his living room. That client will never buy a product from you again and tell his friend and colleague to stay away from your company.