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    Chromecast video size issue


      Hello All,

      I just got a new slingbox500 and I'm trying it with my TVs via Chromecast, both samsung 16:9 TVs using the slingplayer app on an iPhone6 (16:9).  Not sure why, but the signal gets to both TVs with what looks like 4:3 (large black bars on both sides).  I am using the free slingplayer app, could that have something to do with it?  The video is not stretched or elongated, it just doesn't fill the screen.  I have the HD cable box connected with both HDMI and component as reccomended.  I've tried SD and HD channels and neither fills the TV screen.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!  thanks!

      Justin !

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          It's worth noting that it crops on the iphone 6 just the same when I'm not streaming to chromecast.  Looking closer, it does appear that the image is compressed (squished) ie faces look long.  Please help!  thanks


          ...on further investigation, when playing onto my iphone 6 I can select letterbox to fill the screen, but still when I use the chromecast it crops the image again.