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    Will SlingBox work for me? If so, which one?

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      All: Hello! I recently heard about slingbox and think it is something I would like but wanted your opinion on which model, and if it would work? Does slingbox work if you have the box hooked to a HD box/cable in a different state? If so, can I then watch it from my house, and stream it on a TV? I am curious as to if Slingboxes only stream to WiFi devices (ie: tablets and iphones). I was looking at the Slingbox M2 and the Slingbox 500. I would love one that I could hook to the cable in a different state, then stream it to my house to watch on my TV. I was interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

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          Maxcats Novice

          Yes in a different State will work as will different country.


          Yes you can watch it in your house on a TV. I recommend the WDTV SMP unit which has a Slingplayer App built in and is connectedvia HDMI to your TV at home.

          (NOTE: The new M1 and M2 are NOT compatible with the WDTV. The 350 and 500 are.


          Also be careful to check you have a component output (red, green blue) on your tuner/set top box.