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    Slingplayer in windows 8.1 won't display stream

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      I have a slingbox 350 which I normally watch using a windows 8.1 machine that exists only for this purpose.  There's is nothing on this machine except windows 8.1, firefox and chrome.  I watched part of a show Sunday morning and had to step away, so I disconnected.  When I returned later to watch the rest, neither the slingplayer in firefox or the slingplayer for chrome will connect to my slingbox.


      The firefox extension gets as far as displaying "No video signal" (the source turns itself off after a period of no activity), then doesn't display any controls at all (not even the disconnect button).


      Chrome launches the SlingplayerForChrome, which draws its controls, then tells me "Connecting to your Slingbox" with the spinny logo below, but never connects.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled both browsers and their extensions with no change.  I've rebooted my router just for kicks, no effect. I tried turning off windows firefall - no dice. I've rolled the machine back to an earlier system restore point, just to see if it was a system or driver update that started the problem, no luck.   I can connect from firefox on my laptop just fine, and that machine is also windows 8.1.


      Anybody got any ideas?  I'm almost to the point of completely reinstalling the OS on this box, just to see if it would help.