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    slingplayer web based stopped working

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      Dear Forum,


      Recently my Slingbox 500 stopped working on a Windows desktop computer.  It had been working fine.  I clicked an icon to have the slingplayer launch (or run)  in its own window and it has not worked since then.  Other devices running slingplayer, web based, on the same router still work fine.  I've tried everything endlessly.  Both Chrome and IE.  Deleted histories and cookies even defragged the system. Reloaded the software countless times.  It gets to the last step and hangs.  I found the  "embedded app" and it worked for a while but now does the same thing.  I know it connects somewhat because when I give up, use a device that works, I get the someone else is using the slingbox should we kick them off message.  However, the Settings link and Directory link do not highlight.  I turned off Windows Firewall and Windows Defender...even though they were active when slingplayer was working.

      I did load Windows 10 on to the system, but the slingplayer worked  for a day and a half after that.  I ran the slingplayer in 32bit IE, (on the new Windows 10),  not Edge.

      I'm certain there is a solution just don't know what it is.  Any help and I will be thankful.