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    slingbox 500 watch on slingplayer quit working

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      Dear Forum,

      I've had a HD Pro for years, never had a problem.

      Bought a used 500 on ebay and hooked it all up, no problems worked great.

      Went to our second home in a distant city and installed the watch on slingplayer web based app on a windows desktop computer down there, worked great.

      Downloaded Windows 10 on that deskstop...nope...it still worked great.  Worked without  fail for a day and a half.


      Then I clicked an icon that would start slingplayer in ite own pop up window.




      I've tried everything I can think of 100 times and nothing.  Turned off Windows firewall and Windows defender.  Reloaded everything countless times. Cleared the browser history and reset everything forever.  Reloaded slingplayer for IE and Chrome so many times and the addon and extension I'll have my own slingplayer server soon. Meanwhile iPhone and a Windows based notebook computer, through the same router, worked great.


      I'm certain the desktop connects to the slingbox because when I use the iPhone or notebook slingplayer says someone else is using the slingbox should we kick them off.


      The slingplayer, web based for Chrome or IE, gets to the very last step and just hangs.

      The embedded app, whatever exactly that is, did still work for a while, but now has the same response.


      There is an easy, fast, painless and free solution to this problem.  Any help on what that might be?